TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint) disorders are a wide array of problems related to your complex jaw joint. TMJ Stands for Temperomandibular joint which is the name for each joint (right and left) that connects your jaw to the skull and is located in front of your ears on both right and left side. The problems in TMJ could be


Pain that starts in the face may be caused by a nerve problem, injury, or infection. Face pain may also begin other places in the body.

(1.) Clicking or popping sound - This is usually due to slippage of Articular disc in the joint which acts as a cushion and the joint head rubs against the disc on opening the jaw resulting in joints sound. This may be painful in few cases. Sometimes it causes restriction in mouth opening. This may require TMJ LAVAGE. TMJ LAVAGE is an office based procedure where two needles are inserted in the joints to wash the joint, under local anesthesia.
(2.) Pain in and around the joint:– This is usually due to fatigue of the complex neuromuscular apparatus in and around the joint causing myofacial pain. It requires psychogenic counselling, medication and muscle exercises.
(3.) Deviation on opening:- This is also due to uncoordination between the ligaments and muscles of the joint.
(4.) TMJ Ankylosis :- It causes complete restriction of mouth opening and arrests the jaw development also. This may lead to cosmetic deformity. Treatment is done by surgically opening the joint and seperating the jaw bone from skull to achieve mouth opening. This is a very complex surgery and requires highly skilled team of anesthetists and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Hospitalization is for five to six days.
(5.) Subluxation/ Dislocations of the jaw:- In this condition the jaw feels loose in the joint and even dislocates out of the joint. May require reduction of the dislocated joint by the surgeon.

All these above mentioned conditions require thorough clinical history, extensive clinical examination by radiograph and bite models to arrive at a diagnosis. Many modalities which may be surgical or non surgical may be employed to correct your disorder and achieve therapeutic benefit.